Monday, August 31, 2009

4th month!


i got this very2 nicey thing..

very make me happiest thing..

the story begins,

after English exam..

meet in front of AMF.

before abah take me home.

on 12.15 pm, i guess.

only meet for 15 mnutes - juz a short tyme..huhu

and thus, i get this present,

wrapped in green wrapper;

inside orange bag..

then I opened it in my room,

"wa,its a watch!!! wif green colour! my fav colour.."

1st word: terharu...

2nd word: happynyer...

3rd word: thx a lot!

last n da only word: LyMySm~

  • captured by: me.
  • day: Sunday.
  • date: 31 august 2009.
  • time: 3.47 pm.
  • venue: on my bed, in my room, at my home.
  • mood: maths-exponential function.

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