Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tired.Tired.Tired until Exhausted.

I care for my LIMBS, but its start bunyik-bunyi-ingk when I try to strenghten it.
I care for my
EYES, but its start ngantokk-ing, silaauu-ing and feel nak sleeping.
I care for my BRAINS, but its start to feel like malass-ing.
I care for my HAIR, but its start messing and rimass-ing.
I care for my STOMACH, but its start to lapaarr-ing.
I care for my HANDS and LEG, but its start to lenguhh-ing.
Ohh! See, my English is like campur campuur-ing and hentaam hentaam-ing.
This is because, I am very very very tiring to think. HAHA.

Come on-come on, give me the spirit! Ahaa.

Daah laa. Tiduur-ing is better than bloggiingg. Letih sangat-sangat daah nie. Hari besok masih memerlukan aku. HEHE.


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