Thursday, October 4, 2012

Caries excavation & temporary fillings.

1. Remove unsupported enamel using highspead fissure bur.
2. Excavate to remove all the caries using excavator.
3. Make sure all the caries are removed, check using probe.
4. Mix base and catalase of calcium hydroxide (dycal) using spatula.
5. Put calcium hydroxide (dycal) for lining on pulpal floor to protect the pulp using dycal applicator.
6. Mix the zinc oxide eugenol (ZoE) until it becomes not too soft, and not too hard using spatula.
7. Apply the ZoE inside the prepared cavity using cement carrier.
8. Fill the cavity with restorative materials using plugger.
9. Reshape the restoration according to the exact tooth morphology.
10. Make sure the surface between tooth and restorative materials are smooth and no gap between them.

Temporary fillings are important especially in emergency case when patient need fast treatment. But remember, it is only TEMPORARY. Patient need to come again after some times to replace the fillings with the permanent one. Next visit is a must.


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