Monday, October 15, 2012

  1. Persevering and patient even if it means having to lose his hair.
  2. Ready to give listening ear.
  3. She's always beautiful in his eyes.
  4. Always reassuring him with tender loving words to let her know she's always the best.
  5. Always protecting.
  6. Being a gentleman.
  7. A faithful provider.
  8. Doing things & going places together.
  9. Winning his heart through his mouth.
  10. An excellent finance controller.
  11. Hope she might slim down one day but still accepting her because she's so chubby.
  12. Having the Love of God.
  13. Always forgiving.
  14. Never too old to be romantic.
  15. Does not nag and dig up the past.
  16. Always trusting.

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