Tuesday, October 13, 2009


As the dream came last night,
I know it's scared you.
As you dream and you dream,
I am still in my sleeping world.
As you wake up this morning,
You got a call. You know who.
It's me.
Yes! I am still being by your side,
Hear your laugh and making you smile.
Just one thing you need to know,
If then the ten years pass,
Keep in mind, Nobody like you.
Because I am still waiting for you,
And because I know you are still looking at me! ;))

P/s : Oh! My English is not really good. But I'm still trying to do this. Pls dont laugh at me ya! HAHA.


  1. Best cuti nampak!Hee.Tak lewat rasanya, Happy Holiday!

  2. Haha. okay.
    Hapy holiday jgk.
    nti jgn lupe blk uia.haha!


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