Monday, June 20, 2011


                        "Happy double Z of Abah's day."

                                                                                 "Haha. Rite!"

A conversation of Rahman Zahid and Izzani Zulkifle.

Don't ask me why there's a double Z coz now you know why it is Double Z of Abah :)

Appreciate your father. Not only for today, but everyday, everytime in every moment. Hari-hari kan Hari Bapa. Appreciate a man because he is the one who your child will call him "Abah" one day, InsyaAllah. Most important, always respect Abah as they will always give strength to our lives. Syukur.

I love my life because I have my super duper and great SuperHeros to save me when I am weak. Thanks ABAH and Thanks MAN.

Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be an ABAH.

Damn right!

Orait. Time to mandimanda. My English is seriously little bit hampeh. But, it's okay, I'll keep trying. Cube try test tuh kan adat. Right? :)

Actually, aku dah terlebih advance sebab this is the second entry of Abah. Entri pertama sangatlah advance nye. Maaf.


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