Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ini entri berunsur peribadi.

Kawan-kawan, ini entri berunsur peribadi. Jadi, faham-faham lah sendiri. Kalau rasa tak nak baca, takpe, aku sudi. :)

Today I can see you sleep
All night long.
From your eyes widely open until it is slowly-slowly closed
At that time, I whisper to you
"Goodnight honey. Sweetdreams and Sleeptight."
I know you cannot hear me
But, your heart can.
One hour. Two hours. Three hours.
I wonder, where are you right now?
In dreamland? Do you see me there?
If not, pity me HEHE
While I am letting you sleep,
I go to eat, cause you know,
I am super duper hungry! AHAHA
When I come to you,
I see you still sleep tightly
But, it is praying time already
I'm afraid to wake you up
Afraid that I will bother you at all
I don't want to kene grrr anymore.
Its scared. EHEHE.
And, syukur you wake up and say thanks to me.
My heart feel berbunga-bunga at that time
First, cause I manage to make you wake up,
Second, cause you could perform the Solat,
and Third, cause I can cheer up your morning day
Hopefully for the whole day :)

If I can be your pillow to comfort your head. If I can be your bed to comfort your back. If I can be your bolster to comfort your leg. But after all, I choose to be your blanket, so that I can comfort all parts of your body and bed bugs will bite youuu when you don't want to wake up early! AHAHA =]

After all, have a nice day dear! I do pray for you everyday. Salam.

Seriously. Semua ayat dalam entri nie ayat aku sendiri. Takde copycat sane sini. Google mencari-cari. Semua ayat aku dari hati yang aku buat ikut suke hati sendiri. HAHA.


  1. So sweeetttt :D Baca sambil tersenyum, hehe nice one

  2. jiwang wednesday nmpk zany.. hehhe

  3. @haz|rah
    Agak ah. Aku pun perasan jugak tuh. Wednesday jer 4 entri aku taip, semua jiwang bagai. Ciss. Sogan den. AHAHA.

  4. @Syafiqa
    HAHA. Thanks Syafiqa. Tula. Kite taip pun sambil tersenyum. AHAHA :)


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