Monday, June 13, 2011

Robot ft. Human.

This is the conversation between robot and human. They both know Malay and English as well as short-form. ;)

"Robot lah ajar saya. Puhleezzz"

"Tak boleh. Manusia kena belajar berdikari. Robot takpe, robot hebat."

"But, I can't live without you. How?"

"Robot pun tak boleh berfungsi tanpa awak.  I love you human."

"I love you robot."

*both are laughing and smiling towards each other.

Some people do not know bout this. Yup. The differences sometime can make people confius. But actually, the differences make the empty section of our life become full. The differences complete the other part of your soul. Most important is, don't always look at the differences, but knowing the same, that you are really need each other and realizing that you are completing each other. Regardless either you are robot or you are human.

Just forget about vs. but always remember about ft.

p/s: vs. stand for versus and ft. stand for featuring


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